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So, the big news hitting the Lefty blogosphere is Obama having religious nutcase Rick Warren deliver the invocation at his inauguration (  Personally, I’m wondering why we still have a religious invocation at a most decidedly secular occasion.  Obama is calling it a chance for bringing everyone together, even those with differing viewpoints.  So why not really work on bringing folks together and have an Islamic cleric, or a Wiccan, or an Asatruer, or a Buddhist monk deliver the prayer?  I’ll tell you why, because the Democrats are still trying to make inroads into the evangelical market. 

Now, if you look at the two parties, any Christian that understands at least half of the teachings of Jesus would vote Democrat.  There’s no way that anyone who tries to sincerely follow the teachings of Jesus could vote for a party that champions the wealthy against the poor, promotes torture, is against healthcare for people, and lies in order to start a war that is based solely on economic gain by large corporations. 


So why do so many evangelicals support right-wing Republicans?  Because they are butt-stupid inbred morons who are too lazy and stupid to be able to think for themselves.  All they need to hear repeated is “Family Values” and they jump on the Republican bandwagon, blithely ignoring the facts that these Republican leaders would eagerly spit on them and leave them for dead if it would make them a buck. 


The other reason is that many evangelicals are mean, hateful racists.  I know this firsthand, having grown up in the Baptist church of a small town in Texas, right in the buckle of the bible belt.  This was a small town that had a shanty-town on the wrong side of the railroad tracks known as “N***town.”  If you were Black, you had to live in this area.  Don’t even think about living in the main part of town.  And don’t you dare show your face in the First Baptist Church.  You had your own falling-down Baptist church on THAT side of the tracks, and you had better go there. 


So how bad was the racism?  I heard, from many sources in the church during my upbringing, that Black people were cursed by God.  You see, there’s some malarky in Genesis about Noah cursing one son because he covered Noah up when he was laying around drunk and naked.  Ham was cursed with something about being a servant to his brothers.  The teaching is that all the people in Africa are descendants of Ham (Hammites, as opposed to those descended from his brother Shem, or Semmites).  As a result, slavery was ordained by God as punishment on millions of people because a theoretical ancestor didn’t leave his drunk father laying naked. 


Yes, evangelicals are racist, mean, and quite frankly, so stupid and gullible it hurts.  And the Democrats want more of them in the party?  If anything, they need to start educating the country about the VERY REAL DANGER of the evangelicals.  These are fundamentalist fanatics EXACTLY like the Taliban and 911 terrorists.  They should be monitored so the country can be protected from them.  We need leadership that will say these inbred, ignorant idiots are to be marginalized and made politically impotent.

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