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Strangest Easter in years.  I took off Friday at lunch, deciding not to wait for the official word we'd get the afternoon off (it came at 2:00, so sue me for stealing an hour), deciding [profile] jess_ka was right, what's the use of living in a theocracy if we can't take some time off.  I rushed to Home Depot to get one of the remaining Weber Grills left, the kind I've been searching town for over two years in vain for.  A quick assembly and it's all ready, and very nifty looking I might add.

Saturday was just weird.  Highs in low 40's.  Sleet.  Yes, sleet the day before Easter in Texas.  It was the perfect day for curling up with a book, which I managed to do, despite running around getting fixings for Sunday's barbecue.  [profile] ltlj usually does a special meal for Easter, so I volunteered to christen the new grill by smoking a brisket.  We invited Megan and [personal profile] graylion over for it. 

As usual, judging the time that a smoked brisket is ready becomes a random guess for me.  The meat went on late because it took a while for the temperature to stabilize, so i thought we'd be an hour or so late.  Somehow I wound up nailing it on the head, having it ready in time for everyone's arrival.  The food was great, with Martha doing a chicken thing in fillo pastry shells, and Megan finding wonderful pre-packaged cole slaw.  A wonderful meal while watching Dresden Files and episodes of Venture Brothers.

Oh, and I doubt Jesus saw his shadow Easter morning.


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