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With Hurricane Rita, a force 5 Hurricane, the third lowest pressure spot ever to be recorded in the western hemisphere, heading out way, I thought I'd take a moment to describe things here.

Last night we went to HEB to get a few more provisons, and finding it unaccustomly packed for a Wednesday night. The entire bottled water aisle was empty, along with the bread aisle. Most of the chips were gone, and almost all the canned food. We grabbed a few necessities, like fritos and Nestles Quick, along with some fruit juice, some canned goods, toilet paper, other sundries. We called our friends Scott and Nancy in Houston, only to find out they were considering now evacuating, and no amount of pleading seemed to dissuade them.

Today, I get up and find out that Rita has shifted northwards, and will land right at Galveston bay and head up i-45 towards Houston. A.T. will hopefully get here sometime today, probably tonight, since they're talking about 10-12 traffic jams to get out of Houston. No word from Scott and Nancy yet, if they'll stick it out or try to come up. Their bad news is our good news. The old track had it coming over us, now it will veer more over Huntsville to the east. So we mainly have to worry about high winds and the crappy chinese tallow trees in our yard that loose branches ifyou even look at them hard.

Stopped by Albertson's on the way in. No bread still. Bread and most supplies come up from Houston, and no trucks are running. Grabbed milk and some ground meat. In case gas goes out at home, we have barbecue grills, and last resort, the fireplace. We even have iron cauldrons we can heat up and cook in if necessary, and tons of candles. Those years in the SCA were not wasted. I also have plenty of guns and ammo so if rescue helicopters come for us, I can shoot back too ;)

All in all, my worst fears involve no power and no air conditioning, and loss of high-speed internet. I need my high speed internet and a/c. Unless I can convince AT his rent will include standing over me all night waving a fan.

Work has been busy, with me having to move the main servers out of my basement office area to a higher floor, in case of flooding. I found out there's a sub basement beneath me, which will probably flood, especially if power goes out. I had no idea that was down there. I thought I was the lowest thing in the department :)

If power can just hold out, we have enough dvds and tapes to last the weekend, since heavy rains means we loose satellite reception. Main worries: season ending of Stargate Atlantis tomorrow night, and Battlestar Galactica.

And to top things off, I hear Kinky Friedman, who's running for governor, is in town tonight, unless he cancels. I'm sure Rick Davis, our crooked republican (oxymoron?) governor will try to blame him for the hurricane somehow.

well, back to work, and to see if I can fix the servers to start playing "Nearer My God to Thee" if the building starts flooding.


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